Like many forms of injury, personal harm that results in amputation has lasting ramifications. These effects often go far beyond the immediate emotional and mental trauma associated with life-changing amputation accidents. Many victims also spend years dealing with the physical and financial fallout.

At Etehad Law, our attorneys make it their goal to help you chart a path towards a more successful recovery. Our expertise can’t negate the fact that your injury occurred, but it can definitely teach you to use the law to your advantage. Read on to learn more, or contact our amputation attorneys now to get started.


Amputation is the removal of a limb or other body part as a result of medical illness, direct trauma or surgery. It can occur for many reasons, and your recovery depends on your injury circumstances. It’s essential that your amputation lawyers possess the experience and understanding to help you choose the correct path

Serious car accidents may sever victims’ arms, legs, fingers or toes. In factory settings, those who get their finger rings caught in machinery may suffer total digit amputation. They can also sustain partial amputations, known as degloving. Accidents related to explosions, door closures, agricultural machinery and workplace equipment are also common.

Doctors sometimes remove limbs to prevent more serious injury outcomes. Diabetes and cancer sufferers, for instance, may undergo leg amputation to halt the spread of their symptoms. Patients who sustain crushing incidents may have no better option than amputation. Like all surgical procedures, these complex undertakings are potentially susceptible to medical-error accidents.

The vast majority of amputation incidents, however, are related to trauma and similar forms of injury. Attorneys may be able to provide vital resources for amputation injury victims who find themselves in such situations.


Sustaining an amputation due to an injury or surgical mistake redefines everyday life for survivors. While limb transplantation and reconnection are viable options in some cases, many sufferers require prostheses and ongoing therapy.

Getting prosthetics can indirectly make it harder to survive following an injury. Obtaining such medical devices may represent thousands of dollars’ worth of recovery costs. An accident victim’s lengthy physical therapy or inability to work might also add to their financial, mental and emotional burdens.


Insurance doesn’t always negate the costs of amputation accidents. Fortunately, our lawyers commonly leverage multiple legal fields to aid those in need.

Liability lawsuits seek to establish who was at fault for accidents that cause injury in order to shift the onus for repaying the victims to the responsible parties. In some cases, lawyers file such suits on the grounds of employment law or health and safety rule violations.

Although the law makes many provisions for injury victims, lawsuits related to accidents are by no means straightforward. Attorneys must perform diligent research to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were wronged. They must proactively build strong court arguments and investigate prior amputation accidents to identify likely outcomes and effective legal actions. Our lawyers understand how statute of limitation laws, filing procedures and other factors can impact the outcome of your case.


The attorneys at Etehad Law have devoted years to helping people attain higher standards of living following amputation accidents. Your injury circumstances are unique to your accident and your lifestyle. We firmly believe your attorneys should provide individualized solutions made to match.

Amputation injury cases encompass diverse legal doctrines, including insurance, liability, employment, automotive, malpractice, product defect and other forms of law. Our diverse body of knowledge is backed by direct experience, so we offer representation you can always rely on. To learn more, contact us now for your consultation.