Bicycles are an increasingly popular mode of local transportation here in Los Angeles and in other cities across California because of their cost and efficiency. Unfortunately, bicyclists are often hurt by other drivers, obstacles, and any number of other dangers on the road.

An accident in which a bicyclist is hit by an automobile can be devastating. There are many different ways in which such an accident can occur. A distracted driver might strike a bicyclist on the roadway by rear-ending them, sideswiping them, or cutting in front of them. A driver might pull too far ahead at an intersection and make it impossible for a cyclist to avoid the automobile. Drivers may not be completely aware as they are backing out of a driveway and cause an accident. Sometimes, someone in a car opens his or her door at an inopportune time and causes grave injury to a cyclist. Other times, unsafe road conditions, like potholes or construction debris can cause an accident. These are serious cases, and because a bike offers little in the way of protection, a cyclist is far more likely to sustain a serious injury.


Sadly, the majority of victims in these cases are children, but, especially in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or near beach communities where bike riding is more common among adults, people of all ages are hit by cars while riding their bicycles. Many types of injuries are common in these cases, including road rash, concussion, spinal cord injury, factures, broken bonesparalysis, or even wrongful death. While some of these injuries are readily apparent, symptoms of others may not surface for days, or even weeks, after the accident. It’s important to be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible to determine whether an MRI or CT scan may be appropriate.

Only a personal injury attorney can help the victim of a cycling accident receive compensation for their injuries. Our personal injury lawyers can help you understand the legal process, determine your best course of action, and make sure you receive the medical care you need.


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