[:en]Despite how cautious you are, chances are that at some point or another you will endure a ‘slip and fall’ accident. This kind of accident can happen outside or inside and can cause you a lot of damage.

Slip and fall accident can be caused by an extensive variety of things, such things as uneven ground surface, wet surfaces, ice or snow, poor lighting, or other peril.[:]

As we step into late 2021, we reflect on those who have supported our growth, worked with our team, and contributed to our success. Thank you. Over the past 25 years, Simon has provided his legal services to the Beverly Hills community. From catastrophic injury to unlicensed contractor disputes, he has always done his very best to…

Suffering from a brain injury may be a life-changing experience. The consequences of this event can alter every single aspect of the victim’s life, exponentially decreasing life quality. Unfortunately, it occurs more often than you think. Either on the road or in hazardous work environments, getting an injury of this nature is likely and it comes without prior notice.

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A study from the University of Chicago and Rice University discovered that rideshare accidents had increased traffic deaths by 2 to 3 percent since 2011. That’s equivalent to as many as 1,100 fatalities a year. Uber’s U.S. Safety Report stated that there were more than 36,000 fatal car accidents in 2018 alone. The number of fatal crashes related to Uber trips was 49…

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[:en]Pedestrian accidents are one of the most vicious and dramatic kinds of accidents we could possibly experience. Most of these situations have a highly negative impact on victims’ lives, leaving long-term physical and emotional conditions that affects everything, even including their families.[:]

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