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Premises Liability

What you should do after a Slip and Fall Accident

Despite how cautious you are, chances are that at some point or another you will endure a ‘slip and fall’ accident. This kind of accident can happen outside or inside and can cause you a lot of damage. Slip and fall accident can be caused by an extensive variety of things, such things as uneven ground surface, wet surfaces, ice or snow, poor lighting, or other peril....

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Los Angeles Uneven and Broken Sidewalks


Any Los Angeles resident who has spent time walking around the city knows how hard it is to navigate the cracks and gaps in many sidewalks. At the beginning of the year, details about an approved class-action lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles for its broken sidewalks emerged. In a settlement related to Willits v. City of Los Angeles, disabled pedestrians may force the city to pay $1.4 billion over the next several decades to repair its sidewalks....

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Injuries Sustained in a Common Area where HOA is Liable


Homeowner associations were created to keep residents and the community safe, but things don’t always run as smoothly as planned. We aren’t referring to the occasional fist fight that breaks out during a semi-annual meeting. Improperly maintained facilities and common areas are what, typically, leave a homeowner association (HOA) open to lawsuits....

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Los Angeles Metro Expansion

In a development traffic-weary Angelinos were overjoyed to learn of, the Los Angeles Metro Rail opened its Expo Line Santa Monica Extension in May 2016. Of course, they weren’t only happy about the new opportunity to avoid traffic and take trips to Santa Monica State Beach without worrying about parking, they were also enthused because the latest developments may just be the first steps towards making Los Angeles easier to traverse....

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P.I. Claims against Los Angeles City

You’ve probably heard the saying “you can’t fight city hall”. However, you can sue the city of Los Angeles Successfully. Just be aware that it’s often more difficult to win a case against the city than against a private entity. That’s why skilled representation is essential – the kind that Etehad Law always offers....

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