A tax controversy can take a business or individual through complex and challenging stages. Such stages include:

Here at the Etehad Law, we will help guide you through every step of the elaborate legal process. We are focused on confirming client resources and are focused on favorable, cost-effective outcomes.

Our one-stop comprehensive approach to dealing with IRS International reporting compliance for U.S. persons with assets abroad (FBAR filings, IRS Voluntary Disclosure, FATCA) and tax planning and tax controversies, including assistance with IRS Foreign Bank Account Disclosures.

If offshore accounts have been unreported, we can help. Likewise, we can also assist with pre-immigration tax planning as well.

You should not have to face the U.S. tax system without a good understanding of the breadth of tax compliance and reporting requirements. And that is why we will work closely with your immigration attorney to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your options before you move to the U.S.

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