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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents Are the Most Dangerous of All Traffic Collisions

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Motorcycles are an incredibly popular way to get around in Los Angeles, a city known for its traffic. California is the only state in the nation that allows motorcycles to legally cut lanes, giving the average motorcyclist a significant advantage in stop-and-go traffic jams. Unfortunately, this also contributes to some of the most dangerous accidents on the road.

Motorcycles are relatively lightweight and accelerate faster than almost any other vehicle on the road. They’re small and easy to miss by drivers who fail to check their blind spots. They offer no safety features or protection from harm. Riders and passengers are thrown from their seats without a car’s frame to keep them safe. Airbags are non-existent. Even if motorcycles had seat belts, which they don’t, the result would be counterproductive, dragging riders along the road as the bike goes over or under other vehicles. The only protection a rider has from injury is the helmet and other safety gear he or she wears. Because of the inherent danger in riding a motorcycle, the potential for catastrophic injury is much greater. Painful surgery and physical therapy may be required to recover from such an accident. Aside from wrongful death, common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include:

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Motorcycle crashes have significantly increased in California over the last fifteen years, particularly in the Los Angeles Metro area. In 2011, California had the third highest number of motorcycle fatalities. Statistically, most of these crashes are caused, at least in part, by the speed or conduct of the motorcycle rider. Even when a rider is partially at fault for an accident, that rider may be able to receive compensation for injuries suffered as a result of the collision. It’s crucial that a person who suffers injuries in a motorcycle accident speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer to understand his or her rights and how to enforce them.

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