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Rollover Accident

A Rollover Accident Is a Traumatic and Terrifying Experience

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Rollover accidents can be one of the most terrifying experiences that a driver or passenger can face. The complete lack of control and the violent motion of the vehicle rollover can result in both serious injuries and lifelong emotional scars. A Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) is usually at higher risk of rolling over because of its higher center of gravity. A sharp turn can cause an SUV or crossover vehicle to overturn onto its roof. This can cause the vehicle’s occupants to be thrown around inside or even ejected, causing catastrophic injuries such a brain injury, broken bone injury, paralysis, spinal cord injury, or even wrongful death.

Vehicle rollovers can be cause by many factors, including:

  • Hydroplaning
  • Road Defects
  • Sharp Turns
  • Tire Blowouts

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