Transactions are often at the heart of a thriving business. They form professional relationships, protect the business’s property, direct the flow of accounts, and establish the basis of a business’s financing. Because transactions are fundamental to the success of a business, it is vital to pursue competent and experienced legal counsel for direction.

Here at the Etehad Law, we deliver sharp legal counsel and effective representation. Our services cover the wide range of challenges and opportunities clients come across during the business life cycle. We provide legal advice negotiating, documenting, and closing cross-border business ventures, as well as domestic projects.

Our business transaction services include the following:

1. Purchase or Sale Agreements – including buying or selling a business, contracting for goods or services
2. Loan documents for the owners/shareholders
3. Shareholders’ & Partnership Agreements
4. Commercial leases (landlords and tenants’ issues)
5. Employment Agreements for key management
6. Review of structure to minimize tax exposure
7. Exclusive Distribution and Logistics Agreements
8. Employment/HR basic documentation

Not only do we have comprehensive experience and skills in a wide variety of legal disciplines, but we also have financial and practical business applications experience.

Please contact us at (310) 550-1220 to discuss your legal needs with an experienced attorney.