There are numerous reasons why a non-U.S. citizen may need the help and guidance of a tax attorney:

  • For one, non-US citizens, such as nonresident aliens face a challenging estate tax planning environment when they invest in assets in the U.S. On one hand, a nonresident alien is only entitled to an exemption of $60,000 for the property located in the U.S., while US. Citizens and permanent residents are entitled to $5,490,000 (exemption amount for 2017 that is indexed to inflation).
  • Secondly, both nonresident aliens and green card holders may also be subject to estate tax in their country of origin or foreign countries where other assets are located.

How Can Etehad Law Help?

Consulting an experienced attorney in the U.S. prior to investing will help minimize potential risks. In addition, consulting an attorney in the foreign country(ies) where other assets are located will harmonize the worldwide estate tax position of such an individual.

By taking advantage of certain structures and estate planning techniques, such as:

Our team at the Etehad Law, can greatly reduce the incidence of the United States estate tax for non-US citizens.

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