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Negligent Security Accident

Facing Potential Danger in Public Places

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Helping Negligent Security Accident Victims for Over 20 Years

Business owners have an obligation to keep visitors safe from harm that results from foreseeable criminal activities on their premises. A criminal attack that produces an injury on the grounds of public places may result from an owner’s negligence. Inadequate security can allow attacks by a third party to occur, often causing severe injuries. At Etehad Law, we vigorously defend the rights of innocent victims who suffer injury and loss at a public business facility or property.

Facing Potential Danger in Public Places

Business locations that have a history of crime and criminal activity alert owners to the need to ensure preventive conditions such as these on their premises:

• secure entrances and exits
• surveillance cameras
• working locks
• lighting
• alarm system
• adequate crowd control
• security guards
• background checks on employees
• compliance with industry security standards

Considering the Consequences

Attorneys can file negligent security claims for victims of criminal assault, strong-arm robbery, battery, sexual assault, rape and murder. Inadequate security on the premises of hotels, bars, restaurants, commercial property, movie theaters, nightclubs, campuses, concert halls and other public places may provide the basis for a liability lawsuit.

Owners who fail to provide security against foreseeable criminal actions on their premises may face legal action. Victims who suffer injury can pursue legal remedies through aggressive representation. Lost wages, medical bills, physical rehabilitation, and recovery from psychological trauma as well as pain and suffering usually provide a basis for seeking liability compensation.

Understanding the Importance of Legal Representation

Evidence of a crime can quickly disappear from a business owner’s premises, often weakening a victim’s claim of liability. Etehad Law acts promptly to initiate action on behalf of victims. Collecting videos from security cameras preserves important evidence, and it initiates our thorough investigation. We interview witnesses and examine the sequence of actions that resulted in an assault on a victim. Our research into public records produces the name of the true owner of a business to determine responsibility for liability.

Our attorneys understand the emotional, physical and financial toll that an assault can create, and we know that it can happen almost anywhere without warning. We dedicate our expertise to developing the best course of action for each victim. We examine every aspect of each case to find the defects in security, and we take aggressive action to obtain compensation for victims

Finding Causes to Pursue Action

Responsible business owners take precautions to implement proper safety measures that protect clients, customers and visitors who legally enter their premises. Their responsibility extends to maintaining safe conditions and to eliminating potential and foreseeable dangers. Failing to do so can result in premise liability. Victims can hold property and business owners accountable for negligent acts in some circumstances.

Conditions that may entitle a victim to seek compensation for liability include these:

• Unsafe conditions existed on a business owner’s property.
• The property owner was aware of potential problems.
• Unsafe conditions caused an injury.
• The property owner failed to eliminate unsafe conditions.
• Lack of security created the cause of an injury.

Recovering From Your Negligent Security Accident with Time-Tested Lawyers

If you or a loved one need a Los Angeles negligent security accident lawyer, call us at (310) 550-1220 to schedule a free case consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Attorneys at Etehad Law provide personalized legal services to assist victims of negligent security. We dedicate our knowledge, skills and expertise to the investigation of each case and the identification of responsible parties. Our goal to pursue an aggressive course of action is to obtain the maximum compensation for victims of negligent security. We offer a free consultation to help victims assess the potential for obtaining compensation from a liability lawsuit.

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