A head-on collision is a traffic collision where the front ends of two opposing vehicles hit each other. The mass of two heavy objects colliding head-on at almost any speed will likely result in serious injuries to the occupants of each vehicle. Often, the higher the speed, the worse the injury. Although head-on collision account for a small percentage of accidents, they cause a large share of all car accident fatalities. Aside from wrongful death, a head-on accident can result in catastrophic injuries such as:


Head-on collisions typically occur when a vehicle enters a street, highway, or freeway in the wrong direction, when a vehicle losses control due to a defect or malfunction, when there’s poor visibility, or when one of the drivers is distracted or possibly even drunk.

Fault or liability should be established in head-on collision cases by a swift investigation that assess the scene of the incident. Many factors including witnesses, debris from the accident, skid marks, and damage to the vehicles involved will help paint a clearer picture of what happened.


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