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wrongful death

When A Loved One is Lost Before Their Time

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Helping Wrongful Death Victims for Over 20 Years

Tragically, people die in accident in California all the time. Find out that your loved one’s death could’ve been avoided if someone else had been more careful makes the loss all the more painful. If you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal accident, we can help. We know the value of getting closure and achieving justice for the harm done to you and your family.

Our Personal Approach

California’s legal system provides a way for relatives of the deceased to receive compensation for the loss. The laws surrounding wrongful death are significantly different than a criminal case prosecuting an individual for the death of a loved one. A wrongful death case is a civil case, meaning that the defendant won’t be found guilty, but liable. There can be no threat of jail time regardless of the findings of a jury. The burden of proof is lower in a civil case than in a criminal case. Instead of proving the facts to be true beyond a reasonable doubt, a lawyer must only show that the facts are true by a preponderance of the evidence, or more likely than not. For this reason, it’s possible for a person to be acquitted of responsibility for an individual’s death in a criminal proceeding and still be financially responsible for the same incident in a civil case. The most well-known example of this instance occurred when O.J. Simpson was found to be liable in the death of Ron Goldman.

There are many causes of a wrongful death, including:

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