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Simon P. Etehad

Founder/Trial Attorney

Simon has an impressive track record of settlements and trial verdicts, and has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients throughout his 20 years of practice. In addition to being a top-notch trial attorney, Simon is widely renowned in his community for his selflessly dedication to, and leadership of, the many non-profit organizations he participates in.

Steven Candela

Founder/Trial Attorney

During law school, some ten years ago, while a summer intern working with an associate co-counsel of Simon P. Etehad, the first motion Steven worked on was an opposition to summary judgment for a case in which Simon was lead counsel.

Mitch Berman

Founder/Trial Attorney

Mitch was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and as such brings the “Philadelphia Lawyer” to California. Mitch enjoys working through the nuances of each case, uncovering details that are not obvious and often missed by others, but vital to the client’s case. Most of all he loves to argue, this is a trait inculcated into him since birth by his parents.